World Breastfeeding Week Learn in english Personal hygiene tips for lactating mothers

World Breastfeeding Week - बाळाला स्तनपान करताना आईने 'ही' चूक करु नये

world breastfeeding week The relationship between mother and child is very special. There are many questions in a woman’s mind when she becomes a mother for the first time. At that time this new mother needs someone’s help. Because this new mother has no experience with the baby. Then many questions come in her mind that why the baby is crying, when to give milk, what is the right way to breastfeed the baby. That’s why today we are going to give you some special tips regarding breastfeeding. (Learn Personal Hygiene Tips for Lactating Mothers in english World Breastfeeding Week)

World Breastfeeding Week is observed from 1st to 7th August. This week awareness was being spread about the importance of mother’s milk for the child. Breastfeeding is an important phase for mother and baby. So when a mother breastfeeds her baby, she should keep some things in mind. Otherwise some of their mistakes are not good for the health of both.

1. Keep hands clean

According to the Cocoa Research Center, mothers should wash their hands before and after breastfeeding. Because if the hands are not washed properly then the germs present on the hands can reach the child. In such a situation, the child is at risk of infection.

2. It is best to clean with breast wipes

This is the most important thing when breastfeeding a baby. When the baby is breastfeeding, it should be cleaned with warm water or breast wipes. Only after this the baby should be given milk. Because hygiene is very important while breastfeeding the baby. Otherwise the health of the child is likely to be affected. There are many things available in the market nowadays. Breast wipes containing vitamin E and glycerin are available in the market. Using these wipes helps in keeping the breast healthy.

3. Take care of cleanliness

It is very important to take care of cleanliness for the newborn as well as the mother. The room where the mother breastfeeds the baby should be well ventilated. Bed sheets should also be changed daily. If cleanliness is not taken care of, then there is a fear of affecting the health of the baby and the mother.

4. Wear the Right Clothes

A woman experiences changes in her breasts after pregnancy. The size of the breast changes. That’s why it is important that you wear the right clothes. New mothers should wear cotton feeding bras these days. A feeding bra makes it easier for a mother to breastfeed her baby. During these days the mother should wear light and breathable clothes.

5. Tie Your Hair

The mother should always tie her hair while feeding the baby. If the mother does not tie the hair, it can go into the child’s stomach. So if you have long hair then you need to take special care of it.

6. Use a Breast Pad

Breastfeeding women should use breast pads. This pad absorbs the milk leaking from the breast. Also it does not accumulate on the skin. The accumulation of milk on the skin creates a risk of bacteria.

7. Keep the Breast Pump Clean

In the last few years, many products are available in the market for the convenience of mother and child. One of them is the breast pump. This pump is very convenient for working moms. With this pump, a mother can extract breast milk for her baby. But while doing this, it is equally important to take care of the cleanliness of this breast pump. To keep this breast pump clean, a separate sponge should be kept. There are many products available in the market to keep the breast pump clean.


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