Why does condom sales increase during Navratri festival ABN?

नवरात्रोत्सवात Condomची विक्री का वाढते? ही दोन कारणं तुम्हाला माहितीयत?

Garba is being celebrated all over the country since the beginning of Navratri. Along with the nine days of fun and festivities, there is much more happening. Similarly, you must have read the news that there is a huge increase in the sale of condoms during Navratri, but many questions arise like whether condom sales actually increase during Navratri and why this happens. Some experts have given some reasons behind this.

October coincides with the summer and rainy season. As the evening temperature cools down during the Navratri festival, the music and orchestral fun increases. These events become a platform for people to interact and take it forward.

The rising sale of contraceptive pills and condoms during Navratri has always created a new controversy. However, according to media reports, it is true that the sale of condoms increases in Garbya during Navratri.

Garba is a symbol of old tradition. Garba and Dandiya have a special relationship in Navratri. Meanwhile, boys and girls dress up and go to the Garba Mandap. Everyone’s clothes are different from others. Sometimes free-spirited young women come looking for new mates. Anyone can play Garba with anyone, no restrictions. Leaving the house in the evening and returning home early in the morning is also seen on the pretext of dandiya. This routine of youth is fixed for nine days. In the darkness of this nine day night, many old relationships are broken and new relationships and new friends are made.

At this time, some surveys have shown that condom sales are on the rise. Along with this, the number of birth control pills and private spies is also increasing. The closeness shown between actors and actresses in Garbya scenes in films also leaves a mark on the minds of the youth.

According to experts, the increasing cold in October and the dew formed in the night air brings the girls closer to each other. Experts believe that hormonal changes during this period and allowing one to stay out late at night increases this intimacy. Because of this, condoms are used by young people to have safe sex.

According to media reports, the sale of condoms and contraceptive pills increases by 50 percent during Navratri itself. Especially Surat and Ahmedabad in Gujarat have seen a 60 per cent increase in sales. During this time, even the girls do not dare to buy contraceptive pills from the shop.


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