WhatsApp Windows Native App Launched; Beta available for Mac users: all the details

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WhatsApp has released a new native desktop app for Windows. Earlier, the instant messaging platform only offered web-based apps for Mac and Windows operating systems. WhatsApp claims that the native app will increase reliability and speed. Users will continue to receive notifications and messages even when their smartphone is offline, the company said. The process of logging in by scanning a QR code from the user’s phone remains unchanged. WhatsApp’s native desktop app for Mac users is currently under development and only a beta version of the app is available.

one in FAQ page On WhatsApp’s official website, the instant messaging platform has announced that the new native WhatsApp app for desktop is now available for Windows users. The new native app is currently live and can be downloaded through Microsoft’s website. Earlier, only web-based apps were available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

WhatsApp claims that the new native app for Windows improves reliability and speed. The company added that it has been designed and optimized for desktop operating systems. According to the FAQ page users will continue to receive notifications and messages even if their handset is offline. The process of logging in to the native app for desktop remains unchanged from the web-based app.

After a user downloads the new WhatsApp native app for desktop, they should open the instant messaging app on their smartphone. Next, they need to tap on More options on Android phones and Settings on iPhone models. Click on the linked devices to open the QR code scanner and point to the QR code displayed on the WhatsApp native app for desktop.

WhatsApp native app for macOS is currently under development. The company said users can get early access and test the app by joining the beta program. Currently, Mac users can use WhatApp Web on a browser or use the web-based WhatsApp app.

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