Use these tips to control bed bugs that can cause mental problems See Health Tips

धक्कादायक! ढेकूण चावल्यावर होतात मानसिक आजार? वेळीच करा उपाय नाहीतर... 

Bed bugs can cause mental problems: If there are any insects in the house, we will suffer from them. But the biggest problem is the knot. A tick bite can irritate the skin and cause red streaks and sometimes blisters, and can sometimes cause severe allergic reactions. (Use these tips to control bed bugs that can cause mental problems see Health Tips)

Dhekun is an insect that drinks human blood as it is its nourishment. These insects live only on the dirt of the house. From this the knots are hidden in a narrow place. So it was difficult to find them. If your body is itchy after waking up in the morning and you see drops of blood or foul smell on the bed, then be alert in time, it clearly means that bedbugs have come in your house.

The bite of a lump does not cause any kind of disease or infection. But according to many people, one has to face mental trouble after cutting the knot. It can cause mental problems like nightmares, insanity, anxiety, obsessive behavior.

Often you get so upset by the bite of the lump that you cannot sleep. It affects your day to day work. Mental disorder is mentioned by those who have been bitten by the knot.

Remedy after cutting the knot…
Don’t be alarmed by a burning or red rash on the skin after a tick bite. In this case, ice packs or anti-itch creams, lotions help. Pest control at home. Avoid moisture in the house. If bed bugs have entered the home, change bed sheets and pillowcases regularly.

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Use an insect repellent to clean the area where insects may live. Be careful while buying new clothes, furniture, sofas. Be careful not to let cockroaches enter the house. Try to maintain adequate cleanliness in the house. It helps in reducing the lump problem on its own.

(Disclaimer: The above information is based on common sense and home remedies. ZEE 24 Taas does not guarantee the same.)


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