Unwanted pregnancy Take this pill not before sex but before

Unwanted pregnancy चं आता नो टेन्शन; Sex नंतर नव्हे तर अगोदरच घ्या गोळी

Mumbai: Being pregnant, becoming a mother is the biggest happiness for any woman. But many times a woman has to face great mental and physical pain due to unwanted pregnancy. Actually, there are many types of birth control pills available in the market to prevent unwanted pregnancy. But women have to consume all these pills after intercourse.

Often, if the pill is avoided, delayed, missed, the woman may have an unwanted pregnancy.

But imagine if there was a birth control pill that could be taken before sex. What if it prevents a possible pregnancy in the next three to five days? Yes… this possibility may come true in the coming days.

Emergency contraceptive pills contain ulipristal acetate Trusted Source (UA), levonogestrel, and cyclo-oxygenase-2 (COX-2). A clinical trial conducted at Stanford University showed that the contraceptive pill made from UA and COX-2 meloxicam is safe. The study report is published in the journal BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Talking about traditional contraceptive pills, they have to be consumed daily. On the other hand, emergency contraceptive pills are taken after intercourse. So far there is no medicine that can be taken during sex to prevent pregnancy.

The author of this study report, Dr. Erica Cahill, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Stanford University, gave more information about this. He said that there are many women whose contraceptive needs are not met. Many people prefer to take these pills only when they are sexually active.

The trial contraceptives ulipristal acetate ie UA and meloxicam prevent ovulation at the most likely time of pregnancy.

Cahill gave more information about this. Before ovulation, the luteal phase increases in women. It is most difficult to stop ovulation at this time. The pregnancy rate is highest during this period. The luteal phase is the period after ovulation and before the onset of menstruation. During this time the lining of the uterus enlarges.

Ulipristal acetate inhibits ovulation when the luteal phase begins. Concomitant meloxicam may prevent ovulation even after luteal prolapse.

A study was conducted to find out whether this on-demand contraceptive pill is really helpful. In this study, nine women aged 18 to 35 were followed for two months. When the luteal phase was extended in the women, they were given a dose of 30 grams of ulipristal acetate and 30 grams of meloxicam.

During the study, the researchers took information about the hormone levels of all these women. The ultrasound scan reports were checked to identify luteal enlargement in them. An attempt was made to find out whether ovulation occurs or stops in women when both drugs are taken together. Meanwhile, this study showed that taking the two drugs together stopped ovulation in 6 women.

Researchers say on-demand birth control pills can be very beneficial in preventing pregnancy, but more research is needed.


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