Samsung registers two flexible display devices with names Slideable Flex Solo and Flex Duet.

Samsung Trademarks Two Devices With Flexible Displays — Slidable Flex Solo, Slidable Flex Duet: Report

For products using flexible display technology, Samsung has registered two new trademarks with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS). The names of the allegedly involved devices are Slideable Flex Solo and Slideable Flex Duet. The leading South Korean technology company is developing flexible display technology. At CES 2022 earlier this year, Samsung presented the Flex Slideable concept screen. It was displayed because it had sliding display capabilities that could be utilised to increase the screen’s viewing area.

A Report Through Sammobile claims that Samsung and KIPRIS have trademarked the names Slidable Flex Solo and Slidable Flex Duet. Sadly, there is currently no other information available regarding these gadgets. However, the South Korean technology behemoth debuted the Flex Slideable Display earlier this year at CES 2022. These gadgets may be built using this technology.

Samsung has only released smartphones with one-folding displays thus far. Record pre-orders were made for the recently released Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, according to a recent report.

The South Korean tech firm is also creating a number of different flexible display-based devices. Some of these ideas, including Flex Bar, Flex Note, Flex Square, Slideable Flex, and Rollable Flex, are listed on Samsung Display.

According to reports, Samsung is also developing a smartphone with a foldable display that can wrap around a user’s hands. This phone’s purported design patent claims that it can be folded into a loop. It can be folded at an angle to form a waterfall curtain that is curved.

Furthermore, prior reports have indicated that Samsung is creating an extensible display that may serve many purposes. The business had submitted a patent application to the World Intellectual Property Organization for its technique (WIPO). According to carefully thought-out designs, this display can be expanded in all directions.


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