Samsung Galaxy S25 may not sport physical buttons, may be carrier exclusive: report

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According to a report, the Samsung Galaxy S25 could be the first smartphone from the South Korean company to come without any physical buttons. However, it is said that the button-less model may be exclusive to the country’s wireless carrier. Several reports in the past had already hinted at the development of smartphones that would have no physical buttons. Vivo was the first company to unveil a smartphone known as the Apex 2019 concept phone, which has no ports or buttons.

According to a Report With SamMobile, Samsung may remove all physical buttons, including the power key and volume rocker, from future flagship phones. It is said that this change will happen a few years from now and the Galaxy S23 series will have these buttons. It was hinted that the rumored Samsung Galaxy S25 series could feature a model that may do away with physical buttons altogether. However, that particular model may not be available to everyone.

The report also claims that the Samsung Galaxy S25 series model with no physical buttons could be exclusive to wireless carrier KT Corporation in South Korea. Other models may have buttons equipped on existing smartphones. According to reports, the KT-exclusive variant may also get new software features to make up for the lack of physical buttons.

This is not the first time that a report mentioning a smartphone without physical buttons has surfaced online. In fact, a concept smartphone without a single button or port was announced by Vivo a few years ago. Called the Vivo Apex 2019, the concept phone was unveiled in January 2019 with no ports, no physical buttons and no selfie camera. It is associated with pressure and gestures for quick actions. Vivo has named the technology as Touch Sense and it is a combination of capacitive touch and pressure sensing.

The handset uses a magnetic pin on the back called MagPort to charge the handset which also supports data transfer. Similarly, the Meizu Zero was also unveiled at the same time as the Vivo Apex 2019. Meizu Zero was also announced as a smartphone without buttons and ports.

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