Safety concerns hold consumers back from buying electric scooters, says survey

Consumers Holding Back on Electric Scooter Purchases Over Safety Concerns, Survey Says

Safety concerns associated with electric scooters are keeping consumers from purchasing electric scooters, a recent survey has revealed. Only 1 percent said they were likely to buy an electric scooter in the next six months. Meanwhile, the percentage of households concerned about the safety of electric scooters has doubled in the last five months. 32 percent said they were concerned about the safety performance of the vehicles, which influenced their decision not to buy an electric scooter.

A Survey Only 1 percent of LocalCircle’s 11,1 people are planning to buy an electric scooter in the next six months. 32 percent of those polled responded that they were unsure about the safety and performance of electric scooters, while 5 percent said they were interested in purchasing a scooter but were unsure about the infrastructure available for e-scooters where they live and work.

The survey also revealed that 31 percent said they do not ride a scooter, while 5 percent said they are keen to buy a scooter, but lack the necessary funds. On the other hand, 9 percent of those polled said they have enough vehicles at home and do not plan to buy a two-wheeler.

Concerns about electric two-wheelers reflected in the survey come months after incidents of scooters catching fire earlier this year. Companies like Ola Electric, Okinawa and Pure EV recalled 1,441, 3,215 and 2,000 units of their electric bikes respectively.

The government has also set up an expert committee to investigate incidents of electric scooters catching fire.


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