Russian court fines Twitch RUB 2 million for streaming fake video about war crimes: report

Russian Court Fines Twitch RUB 2 Million for Streaming Fake Video About War Crimes: Report

A court in Russia has fined Twitch Rs. 2 million (roughly Rs. 26,21,100) has been imposed, Russian news agencies reported on Tuesday. .

Russia has repeatedly threatened to fine sites – including Google, Twitter and Wikipedia – accused of hosting “fake” content related to its military campaign in Ukraine.

A US-based live-streaming service popular among video gamers has been accused by a court of failing to remove a 31-second clip of a girl from the city of Bucha, Kommersant newspaper reported. It does not specify the content of the video.

Amazon-owned Twitch did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Ukraine and its allies have accused Russian forces of atrocities in Bucha, a satellite city of Kiev, after Moscow launched an offensive in February. Russia has denied the allegation.

Earlier, RIA reported that two fines totaling RUB 11 million (roughly Rs. 1 crore) were imposed on the Telegram messenger, which refused to delete channels showing how to “sabotage” military vehicles and show “unreliable data” about Russian advances. . Called “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Russia last month punished the Wikimedia Foundation for violating Russian law surrounding the conflict in Ukraine. Wikimedia hosts the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. In a statement, Russian watchdog Roskomnadzor said Wikipedia still hosted “prohibited material, including fabrications, about special military operations on the territory of Ukraine” and that the search engine would be used to notify users that Wikimedia had violated Russian law. Roskomnadzor said the measures would remain in place until the Wikimedia Foundation fully complies with Russian law.

Russia introduced new laws on sharing information about the conflict in Ukraine after the Kremlin ordered the deployment of thousands of troops to the country on February 24.

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