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Rechargeable LED Bulb: लाईट गेली तरी बल्ब चालूच राहणार, जाणून घ्या 'या' प्रोडक्टबद्दल

Mumbai: There are still lights in many rural and urban areas. In such a situation, citizens have to live in the dark. To get rid of this darkness, some citizens install inverters at home. But some cannot even buy an inverter. Now there is a product that will give you light even after the light goes off. This product is a rechargeable LED bulb. Let’s know about this product.

You get many great products on the e-commerce platform. One of these products is the rechargeable LED bulb. This bulb can power your inverter and other needs. Because for this you will not need any external power source. You can use this bulb like a normal bulb.

Interestingly, this bulb will last as long as there is electricity. After the power goes out, its battery will act as a power source. That means you will not need an inverter. or need to be connected to some other source. We have come up with a list of some such products. The bulbs on this list will serve you well.

wipro rechargeable led bulb
You can buy Wipro Rechargeable LED Bulbs from the e-commerce platform. The company lists it as an emergency bulb on Amazon. You can buy 9 watt rechargeable LED bulb for Rs 348. It has a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery. So this bulb comes with 6 months warranty.

Helonix Rechargeable LED
You can also buy Halonix Rechargeable LED Bulbs priced at Rs.349. The cost of a pack of two bulbs is Rs 689. This price is for 9W LED bulb.

philips bulb
You can also buy Philips bulbs. Its 12W variant costs Rs 629. 10W rechargeable LED bulb is available for Rs.549. You will find many more options on Amazon-Flipkart.

This is the best option if there is constant light in your area and you don’t have an inverter. You will benefit from using such rechargeable bulbs instead of the common LED bulbs used in homes.


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