Pubic hair removal is right or wrong, know about it

Pubic hair काढणं योग्य की अयोग्य? जाणून घ्या

Mumbai: Nowadays many women want to remove pubic hair. Women tend to remove pubic hair more. By doing this the genitals remain clean and women feel that it will also be comfortable for intercourse. But how appropriate is it to remove the hair naturally present on our body.

It is essential according to the female body composition. Pubic hair is not only unnecessary but also protects against bacteria and viruses. In addition, it maintains the temperature of the reproductive organs properly.

No matter how much care women take while removing pubic hair, some minor injuries do happen. Injury to that area increases the risk of infection. According to some research, it has been observed that removing pubic hair also increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Pubic hair can be dangerous if you remove it through waxing. Skin pores are not working properly. In addition, there is also an increased risk of bacteria building up near these organs.

According to experts it is good to have hair on the body. These hairs protect the skin. These hairs prevent the impurity from directly harming the genitals. Instead of removing the pubic hair, it should be kept clean


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