Plant futsia plant at home and try it

fatsia plant in hindi
the family Araliaceae
common name Glossy-Leaf Paper Plant, Fatsia, Paperplant, False Castor Oil Plant or Japanese Aralia
botanical name Fatsia japonica

Fatsia plants add a unique style to anyone’s home, you can make your home more stylish by placing them in the right place.

Many people think that Fatsia is a very demanding plant, but it is not. With the right information it can be easily planted which will continue to add beauty to your garden for years.

fatsia plant in hindi

Its leaves are palm-sized, which become larger over the long run. It can grow up to 6 feet tall even inside, with its leaves coming from the focal point of the plant and shaping thick and beautiful foliage around it.

Its foliage seems to be a small tree, which you can manage to keep it in shape.

Prune the leaves at the start of the developing season so a lot of new leaves keep on arising.

Its stem thickens over the long run, on the off chance that the tree develops tall and starts to twist, you can slice the stem to carry it to the right shape, then managing can give the plant the right shape.

The light 

This plant likes bright indirect light, being a houseplant, this species needs ample indirect light.

That’s why you have to make sure they get at least one hour of light a day.

fatsia plant in hindi


While watering, make sure that the poured water drains totally through the opening in the pot and also recall that when the dirt of the pot dries out appropriately, water it next time as it were.

The main thing here is that this plant could do without wet soil, so its dirt ought to be humus and there ought to be an opening in the pot so the water can drain immediately.

Assuming the leaves are becoming yellow or hanging, it very well might be expected to overwatering.

fatsia plant in hindi


The ideal temperature for Fattia is 15 to 30 degrees Celsius, in which it grows really well, while in winter season when it has its dormant period, it remains at 10 to 15 degrees Celsius as it is in a state of rest.


If the humidity is high then it is very good for this, above 60% humidity is considered good for Fatsia growth.

Fertilizer etc. Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer can be applied once every 15 days during the growing season i.e. summer.

fatsia plant in hindi

Pro tips

  1. Any place you put it, turn it – turn it consistently, with the goal that it gets equal daylight on all parts and equal development on each side, if not it will be more on one side and less on one side.
  2. Although it doesn’t normally flower, if you’re lucky it may flower, in which case you can start new plants from the seeds it produces.
  3. These plants like to rest in the colder time of year, so in the colder time of year they ought to be kept in a place where the temperature is low yet the light isn’t at all dark.

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Happy gardening


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