Missing Facebook edit button has created a storm on social media

Missing Facebook Edit Button Causes Storm on Social Media

Many social media users were left confused on Wednesday after learning that the edit function on Facebook postings has gone. Users shared posts on Twitter along with screenshots that showed users were not allowed to modify their Facebook postings and were responding quickly to the news, a report from Distractify.com said

Facebook users took to Twitter and other social media platforms to complain about the sudden disappearance of the edit button in their Facebook posts.

“Why is the edit button missing? I can’t even edit to add more pictures to the post. Why? Why have to start a whole new list? Fix this Facebook edit button Facebook,” one user wrote.

Another user shared a screenshot of his Facebook post and wrote, “Am I missing something? My edit button on Facebook is adios.

“What worries me most about the coming financial crash is that Twitter gives us an edit button to cover up missing earnings estimates in bad quarters, and Facebook gives us emoji reactions as a paid feature to get us interested in their earnings.” wrote A third user.

People in general seemed confused by the disappearance of the button and requested Facebook to explain why the functionality disappeared. Some users even insisted on fixing it.

However, Facebook has yet to explain why some users are unable to see the option. Most people have concluded that Facebook changed its functionality on purpose, although it would be a significant change to do so without first mentioning, Distractify.com said further.

Some users have reported that the option to edit Facebook posts has disappeared on their Apple devices after installing the latest version of the Apple operating system.


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