Menopause symptom-management clothing made possible by NASA technology

Menopause Symptom-Management Clothing Made Possible By NASA Technology

The US space agency NASA has a significant influence in all areas of human life. The commercial sector has traditionally benefited from technology transfer from NASA. As part of his most recent efforts to improve human life, his space agency has funded technology that could help relieve the symptoms of menopause.

In a publication, NASA said London-based company Fifty One Apparel uses its technology to create a line of temperature-regulating clothing for women going through menopause.

The apparel line, named after the specific age at which women begin to experience menopause, uses NASA-funded Outlast technology to maintain the body’s ability to regulate body temperature while maintaining the look and feel of premium textiles.

According to the US-based space agency, Ms Louise Nicholson, owner of Fifty One, discovered that while researching high-tech materials to regulate temperature, these products were cooling fabrics that ignored the cold flashes that often follow hot flashes during menopause.

Ms Nicholson’s search soon led her to a technology called Outlast.

From desk chairs to underpants, Outlast has been used in many products. However, Ms Nicholson discovered that there were no companies using the technology specifically for menopause. Walero, which uses the material in clothing for race car drivers, has sold some of its Outlast apparel to individuals experiencing menopause.

The Johnson Space Center in Houston, operated by NASA, was looking for ways to increase the insulation in spacesuit gloves in the 1980s.

Center and Triangle Research and Development Corporation entered into a small business innovation research agreement to investigate the use of phase-change materials, which maintain a constant temperature while changing from solid to liquid or vice versa.

The company’s initial product line consisted of just a collection of four different styles of shirts, which were initially sold by parties to customers in the London area.

However, the business has now evolved to offer online sales of shirts, bottoms and nightwear to customers worldwide.

Turbans, face masks and scarves are just a few of Fifty One’s items that use space technology to keep menopausal women cool.


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