Loyal Shiv Sainiks suffering in Thackeray-Shinde dispute, Murlidhar Jadhav’s appointment canceled in Gokul

Loyal Shiv Sainiks suffering in Thackeray-Shinde dispute, Murlidhar Jadhav's appointment canceled in Gokul

Gokul: After Chief Minister Eknath Shinde defeated Shiv Sena to form government with BJP, the conflict between the bifurcation group and Shiv Sena is intensifying day by day. As the court battle between the two groups continues, it is now affecting the loyal Shiv Sainiks in whose lives the leaders have grown up. This has been proved in Kolhapur.

Shiv Sena District President Murlidhar Jadhav has been appointed in Kolhapur District Milk Producers Association (Gokul). Jadhav was appointed when Uddhav Thackeray was the chief minister. Now this appointment has been cancelled. Gokul has received orders in this regard. Gokul President Vishwas Patil has also confirmed this.

Murlidhar Jadhav’s struggle even after appointment

Murlidhar Jadhav did not get easy entry in Gokul after being a government-appointed representative in Gokul. So they protested and fired a cannon at Hasan Mushrif. The government-appointed representative has to approve the proposal by the board of directors and submit it to the government. However, Muralidhar Jadhav protested due to the delay of three months by Gokul.

After that, Yuvraj Patil and Vijaysinh More were appointed as the two approved directors along with Muralidhar Jadhav, who was recently appointed by the government. As the then Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray stood by Murlidhar Jadhav, the rulers of Gokul had to bow down. So Murlidhar Jadhav’s entry in Gokul was easy. However, with the change of power, the situation has changed.

Who will get the chance now?

After the revolt of 40 MLAs in Shiv Sena, its effect was also seen in Kolhapur district. MLA from the district Prakash Abitkar, former MLA Rajesh Kshirsagar, MPs Sanjay Mandlik and Darishsheel Mane Shinde have joined the faction. Hence the position of Kolhapur district is between the ruling Shinde group and the loyal Shiv Sainiks on the other. Loyal Shiv Sainiks marched against the rebels in Kolhapur and sought their answers. Murlidhar Jadhav was also in the forefront. In Kolhapur city too, the dispute between Rajesh Kshirsagar of Shinde faction and Shivsena Nagar chief Ravikiran Ingwale is on the rise. A case of molestation has been registered against Ingwale.

Meanwhile, rebel MP Sanjay Mandlik had to concede defeat to Chiranjeev Virendra in the Gokul election. Now with the political equations changing, it is likely that one of the Shinde group will be named. Sanjay Mandlik Virendra and former State Planning Board MLA Rajesh Kshirsagar as their son and Prakash Abitkar as sitting MLAs cannot be ruled out for the post. Rajesh Kshirsagar is heading the Shinde Group in Kolhapur. So it will soon be known who will be appointed as the government-appointed representative in Gokul.

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