LG Moodup Fridge with LED Light Panels, Bluetooth Speaker Unveiled at IFA 2022

LG Moodup Freeze LG Inline LG Moodup LG Moodup Freeze LG

LG MoodUp Fridge — the company’s latest smart refrigerator — has been unveiled by the company at IFA 2022. The South Korean firm’s latest fridge allows users to choose from a variety of colors to illuminate the LED panel on the front of the appliance. It has multiple RGB panels on the fridge door and users can choose from 22 color options for the upper door and 19 colors for the lower panel. Customization options also include color and nature-based themes. The LG MoodUP fridge is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker that can be connected to a smartphone to stream music, while the LED panels change color.

Rival Samsung offers customers customization options with it Suitable refrigerators, the new LG MoodUp fridge takes customization to the next level by allowing users to connect their smartphones and change the colors of the fridge on demand. The company is yet to reveal pricing and availability details in the US and there is no word on plans to launch the new fridge in India.

LG says The LED door panels on MoodUp refrigerators will allow users to customize the look and feel of the appliance by applying color-based themes such as Season, Place, Mood and Pop. Users can manually select from 22 color options for the top doors, while the bottom doors offer a choice of 19 colors.

LG Moodup Freeze LG Inline LG Moodup LG Moodup Freeze LG

The LG MoodUp fridge can also play music from connected devices
Photo credit: LG

Equipped with inbuilt Bluetooth-enabled speakers, the new LG refrigerator allows users to connect it to a smartphone, tablet or laptop to play music, while the LED panel changes color with the music. When the panels are closed, the fridge has a luxe gray and luxe white design, LG says.

The LG MoodUp fridge offers WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and features an on-device AI chip with support for voice recognition. Users can receive alerts when the fridge door is left open, in the form of repeated blinking of the left door. The panels also flash when you approach the fridge — the freezer door lights up at night to help owners open the door, according to the company.

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