Learn how to make Vrat Ka Halwa Recipe

Learn how to make Vrat Ka Halwa Recipe

Halwa Recipe: Colours, traditions, music and dance are present in Navratri festival. Many devotees fast during Navratri festival to please the deities and some to relieve their stomach. But rest is just as important today. Along with relaxation, it is also necessary to pay attention to sattvik diet. So today let’s know the recipe of making ‘Halwa Recipe’…

Ingredients required to make Hingadya Peeth Ka Halwa –

  • Corn flour – one bowl
  • Sugar – a bowl
  • Ghee – four spoons
  • Cardamom powder – half tsp
  • Dried fruits – two spoons (chopped)
  • Water

How to make Hungama Peeth Halwa –

To make ‘Singadya Pitha Halwa’, put ghee in a pan.
After the ghee is heated, add cornstarch flour to it.
Keep stirring the corn flour in the pan and fry the khamang.
On the other hand, add half a cup of hot water to the sugar and dissolve the sugar in the water.
Keep stirring the water continuously.
Take care that no lumps are formed in the dough.
In five minutes this mixture will become thick and ghee will start coming out from the edges.
Then turn off the gas and add cardamom powder, dry fruits on top.
Hot pudding is very tasty to eat.
‘Hingadya Peeth Halwa’ is a very suitable dish to eat during fasting.

What precautions should be taken during fasting?

Those observing fast during Navratri should avoid traveling without work.

Avoid fasting when sick.

Pregnant woman should decide to fast after taking medical advice.

You should decide to fast on the basis of your ability.

Do not take intoxicants during the fast.

Fruits and milk should be consumed during the fast.

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