ISRO considering new reusable rocket design for global market, says ISRO chairman

ISRO Looking to Design, Build New Reusable Rocket for Global Market, ISRO Chairman Says

India is planning to design and manufacture a new reusable rocket for the global market, Space Secretary and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chairman S Somnath announced at the Bangalore Space Expo (BSX) 2022 on Monday. ISRO’s next launch vehicle after GSLV Mk III could be reusable and is expected to reduce the cost of launching satellites. The space agency will work with the space industry, startups and NewSpace India Limited (NSIL) for reusable rockets.

During the 7th edition of Bengaluru Space Expo 2022, ISRO Chairman S Somnath announced plans to design and build a new reusable rocket, PTI reported. Currently, it costs ISRO between $10,000 (roughly Rs. 7,97,800) and $15,000 (roughly Rs. 11,96,800) to put a kilogram payload into orbit.

Somnath said that ISRO has to reduce it to $5,000 (roughly Rs. 3,98,000) or even $1,000 (roughly Rs. 79,700) per kilogram and the only way to do that is if the rocket is reusable. He added that the country still lacks reusable technology in the launch vehicle sector.

After GSLV-MK3, the next rocket that ISRO is building should be reusable, he told PTI. ISRO is working on various technologies including the Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator (IAD), he said, adding that the space agency wants to tie up with industry, startups and its commercial arm NewSpace India Limited (NSIL). A new usable rocket.

“I want to see this (proposal) take shape in the next few months,” he said, adding that post-Conscious and production-ready rockets need to be developed in the next few years so the space agency can retire them all. Timely operation of launch vehicles (in India).


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