India should adopt modern EV technology and mobile phones should replace paper tickets, says Union Minister Gadkari.

Mobile Phones Should Replace Printed Tickets, India Should Embrace New EV Technology: Union Minister Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, stressed the necessity of adjusting to new inventions and technology on Wednesday, saying that the time has come to gradually phase out paper tickets for passengers in favour of mobile devices.

Gadkari said, “Efforts should be made to stop the use of tickets and mobiles should be utilised for tickets. The new technology of electric vehicles should be adopted. He was giving a speech at Catalyst 2022, the inaugural annual gathering of StratNewsGlobal.

Gadkari stressed in his speech the need to promote lithium battery manufacture in the nation. He claimed that the price of making these batteries is not a problem because it will decrease as producers ramp up manufacturing.

The business can lower the cost of producing lithium batteries by increasing manufacturing volume, the minister added.

Regarding upscale buses, he suggested double-decker electric buses connecting big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. According to him, the government has allotted Rs. 5,550 crore through Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL) to the purchase of 5,580 electric buses, including 130 double decker buses.

“The automotive sector is significant to our nation.” According to the Minister, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to transform India into an Aatmanirbhar or Atmanirbhar Bharat with an economy worth $5 trillion (or around 4,00,04,000 crore).

He continued, “It is our obligation how we grow our exports and decrease our imports.

The automobile industry is therefore a highly significant sector for the economy and we must therefore develop new, suitable rules for the future, according to the minister.

According to Gadkari, the automobile is advancing the nation’s economy. “We therefore require a long-term, visionary strategy. In the next five years, the ministry wants to generate Rs 15 trillion (or about Rs 12,00,11,900 crore) from the vehicle sector. The supporting industry is likewise well established.”

He complimented the nation’s startups, stating, “The existence of 400 start-up companies producing high-quality electric two-wheelers is truly revolutionary. TVS, Bajaj, and Hero export 50% of their products. their offering.”

Gadkari stated that he is certain that 8 to 10 lakh electric buses can be produced in the nation. He also mentioned that the government has released tenders for 5,550 electric buses, with prices starting at Rs. 39 for non-AC models and Rs. 41 for AC models. BEST’s diesel buses have a 115 rupee per mile running cost.


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