India, Australia to play significant role in cyber technology development: Australian High Commissioner

India, Australia to Play Vital Roles in Development of Cyber Technology: Australian High Commissioner

Australia recognizes India as a natural leader in the Indo-Pacific strategy and both countries play an important role in the global development of cyber technology, Australian High Commissioner to India Barry O’Farrell said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a Consumer Unity Trust Society (CUTS) event, Farrell said both countries view cyberspace and technology as critical to sustainable development and economic growth, and both nations oppose the threat posed by malicious cyber activities by state and non-state actors.

“As a strong Indo-Pacific partner where we recognize that India is a natural leader in the Indo-Pacific strategy. India and Australia have an important role to play in contributing to the global development of cyber technology. As we see you (India) strategically. A leader in the region. Your industry when it comes to (cyber ) shows your leadership when it comes to specific areas,” he said.

Australia has Rs. 70 crore investment in the Australia-India Cyber ​​and Critical Technology Partnership to complement the framework arrangement. Funding under the partnership is funding the development of ethical 6G framework projects in India.

“This is a worthwhile project we have undertaken. It is great to be here to help launch a joint project between CUTS The Australian Risk Policy Institute and IIT Bangalore on ethical 6G,” said Farrell.

He said the update of Australia’s economic strategy for India was launched in April this year, which represents a substantial and serious investment in accelerating Australia’s economic relationship with India.

“We know that without civil society and government-to-government relations, without enterprise-to-enterprise activities, no government can do what it wants to do. After all, there are resources in economic growth driven by the private sector and delivered to government. To create an environment that citizens enables them to achieve their results,” Farrell said.

The government has set up a task force under the Department of Telecom to work on 6G standards.

Telecom industry body COAI director general SP Kochhar said Australia and India need to work together in global forums where standards are set.

He said that the development of cyber technology should not be seen in isolation but should be seen in conjunction with IT, telecommunication and electronics.

“The Australia-India partnership is a great leap forward in the relationship between the two countries. These countries have come together because they complement each other. They have common aspirations and can help each other to find and develop markets. No effort without markets. Failure It is mandatory,” Kochhar said.

He said the benefits under the partnership should not be limited to a few partner universities in Australia but should be opened up to universities with an appetite to work on the technology.


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