Importance of Emoji, Eternity Marketing

 ईमोजी ! खरंच 'त्या' भावना जगतो का?

HonourableIf relationships and relationship communication are alive in the life of NASA, it lives in abundance. But where do you see this happening now? (Importance of emojis) Is it true that we ‘chat’ so many times a day, so we communicate a lot? And even in chatting, people who are tired of typing, use emoji. We use these different face emoji to convey our feelings to others. Emoji are considered the easiest and fastest way to express emotions. But do you think we really ‘live’ those feelings in all of this?

Recently I saw a message without emoji, it was like a mistake. The message sent by the other party without using emoji looks too dry. All emotions like love, excitement, anger, sadness, happiness can be expressed through emoji. But if someone sends us the 10 teardrop emojis they send us, do we really laugh that much? Or if we close our eyes and read a sincere and emotional message and send a crying emoji, are we really crying? People living in a world of emotions must think so!

Sometimes these emoji become an excuse for many misunderstandings and quarrels arising out of it. What is the guarantee that the emoji you send to someone will mean the same thing instead of words? Due to this many barriers are being created in communication. Or some communication remains incomplete. So these emoji should be used in the right way and most importantly with patience.

We have all learned in history that primitive man used to paint in caves, and that was his language of communication. Now it is time to say that we are going back to the language of our forefathers while living in the 21st century. And tell a joke? I also need to change my habit of using emoji while typing this article about emoji on mobile.


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