Goa Assembly Election 2022: Voting for all 40 seats will be held on February 14, know the political scenario

 Goa Assembly Election 2022

Dhananjay Shelke, Zee 24 Hours, Mumbai : Voting is going on for 40 seats of Goa on Monday i.e. 14 February (Goa Assembly Election 2022). If we look at the politics of Goa in the last few years, it is known that the politics of Goa revolves around both the Congress and BJP parties. Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party, Goa Forward Party (Goa Forward Party), Nationalist Congress Party have shown their existence to some extent, but they have always contested elections in alliance with Congress or BJP. However, this year many parties have entered the electoral fray on their own. (Voting for all 40 seats in Goa Assembly Election 2022 on February 14, know the political scenario)

Congress had emerged as the single largest party last time by winning 17 seats. But they did not succeed in establishing power. Some Congress MLAs parted ways and supported the BJP. Some other smaller parties also supported the BJP. The BJP government came to power under the leadership of late Manohar Parrikar. Before the election, most of the remaining MLAs in the Congress joined the BJP. That’s why Congress has given a large number of new candidates.

The Goa Forward Party, which was an ally of the BJP last time, has allied with the Congress this time. The Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party has forged an alliance with the Trinamool Congress, which entered Goa’s political alliance for the first time.

The Aam Aadmi Party, which has registered its presence all over Goa, has performed strongly despite getting less votes in the last elections. The Revolutionary Gowans Party has also decided to try its political fortune while fighting for the justice rights of the Bhumiputras.

Economy of Goa

Goa’s economy is dependent on tourism and mining. Mining has been stopped for the last 10 years. About 3 lakh people were dependent on this business in Goa. All those people are unemployed. On the other hand, the tourism business is closed for almost 3 years due to Corona. So Goa’s economic cycle has come to a halt. This has had a major impact on the employment of the people of Goa.

Even the BJP, which came to power on the issue of starting mining, could not start mining. In such a situation, there is a lot of resentment towards BJP. Anger against the rulers has increased.

bifurcation of Goa

Goa is divided into South Goa and North Goa. South Goa has a large Christian community. Whereas North Goa is Hindu majority. In the last election, the Aam Aadmi Party had contested 39 out of 40 seats. Their deposits were forfeited in 38 seats. But he got 6 percent of the vote. He has prepared well in the last five years.

Amit Palekar, a member of the Bhandari community with nearly 40 per cent Hindu votes, has been chosen as the chief ministerial candidate. It has been predicted that some of our seats will go to polls. BJP is likely to be hit by this.

The issue of Bhumiputra is also on the agenda

On the other hand, the issue of Bhumiputras has also come to the fore in Goa. There is a growing feeling among the natives of Goa that their jobs are being threatened by outsiders and they are being isolated in their own state. This battle of the sons of the land is coming from him.

This fight has been started by english youth Manoj Parab under the banner of Revolutionary Govan Party. They are getting good support from the youth. They too have decided to try Najeeb. BJP is also likely to be affected to some extent.

TMC made a strong entry in Goa politics. Many prominent Christian leaders of the Congress were taken into the party. This includes many former chief ministers, ministers and former MLAs and MPs. But TMC could not maintain the momentum with which it started.

Mamta Banerjee entered the campaign of SP in Uttar Pradesh without fielding her candidate. But despite being her own candidate in Goa, she did not come to campaign. So TMC will definitely split the votes of Congress. But the damage to Congress is likely to be less than what was predicted.

Even after this, the BJP has fielded many veteran candidates, who win whether they are from any party or independent. If BJP wins again on this strength, then Congress will rise again. We will have to wait till March 10 to see whether AAP will hold the key to power or it will be for Trinamool.


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