Get rid of toothache in 10 minutes

Get rid of toothache in 10 minutes

health tips: Toothache (teeth pain) This is a common problem that many people suffer from. As small as this problem seems, it is actually more serious. Only a person suffering from toothache can understand how serious the problem is. Talking, eating and drinking often becomes difficult when suffering from toothache. It is also commonly known as molar or root pain. Sometimes the pain is so severe that the mouth becomes swollen. Today we are going to tell you why there is pain in the teeth and what are its home remedies.

Toothache is often caused by eating hard food. In addition, bacteria in the teeth can also cause infection. Inside the tooth is the pulp, which is filled with nerve tissue and blood vessels. These pulp nerves are the most sensitive in your body. When these nerves become infected with bacteria, they cause severe pain.

boil hot water with salt

Salt is a natural disinfectant. Adding salt to hot water and boiling it gives an instant aroma. If you do this process 4-5 times a day, then the pain of your toothache will go away in a few days.

baking soda paste

Baking soda can be helpful in relieving toothache. Simply add baking soda to your regular toothpaste and apply directly to the sore tooth. This can give you relief from pain within minutes.

apply ice

Ice is considered useful in curing any kind of swelling. If you have a toothache, apply an ice pack to the side of your cheek. Do this for at least 15 minutes. You will start seeing the difference in a few days.

vanilla juice

If you thought vanilla is only used in shake-cakes or ice cream, you’ll be happy to know that this delicious treat has many properties. It helps a lot in curing toothache. Simply put a few drops of vanilla extract on a cotton ball and keep it on the painful tooth for about 15 minutes. Rest for a few minutes and you will feel the pain gradually subside.


For generations, cloves have been recommended for toothache. Placing a whole clove just above the painful tooth can provide relief. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties help reduce infection.

Note: All the above things are being conveyed by ABP Maa to the readers only as information. ABP does not take any claim from me. Therefore, any treatment, diet and medicine should be taken only with the advice of a specialist.

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