Gandhi Jayanti 2022 When Gandhiji got angry with Kasturba Gandhi for just Rs 4

Gandhi Jayanti : जेव्हा केवळ 4 रुपयांसाठी कस्तुरबांवर रागावले होते महात्मा गांधी; वाचा किस्सा

Mahatma Gandhi: Today is the 153rd birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti is being celebrated in India today. On this special occasion, programs were organized at different places. On this day people remember Mahatma Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi) and take oath to follow the path shown by him. At the same time, the world celebrates this special day as International Day of Nonviolence.

Non-violence was the greatest weapon of the Mahatma. He brought truth and non-violence throughout his life. There are many such stories related to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, which probably everyone knows. There is one such anecdote, when Gandhiji got angry with his wife Kasturba Gandhi (Kasturba Gandhi) for just 4 rupees.

This incident was disclosed by Mahatma Gandhi himself in an article in 1929. This incident was mentioned in the weekly Navjeevan published by him. Gandhi was once angry with his wife Kasturba Gandhi because she had illegally kept four rupees from her.

According to news agency PTI, Gandhi used to say that Kasturba had many virtues, but she also had faults. Which affected his marks. Gandhi says, “She performed the duties of a wife well and kept account of all the money she had, yet she retained worldly desires.”

Gandhiji says, “A stranger gave Kasturba four rupees. But instead of giving the money in the office, he kept it with himself. A year or two ago, he (Kasturba) kept the money with him which was separately given as a gift. The rules of the ashram are such that one cannot keep a gift received from anyone. Then it was illegal to keep those four rupees.”

Gandhiji continues in his article, “The wife’s crime was discovered when the thieves entered the ashram. Fortunately, they could not find anything in the room she had entered. However, when the ashram residents came to know about this When I came to know, Kasturba got scared.”

Gandhi further writes that upon learning of this, Kasturba humbly returned the money and vowed never to do it again. According to Gandhi, “I believe her honesty was regrettable. She resolved that if she had done wrong in the past or was caught doing the same thing again in the future, she would leave me and the ashram.” “


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