Future Assassin’s Creed Games May Not Be 150-Hour RPGs, Prices Reflect Project Scale: Report

Future Assassin’s Creed Games Might Not Be 150-Hour RPGs, Prices Reflect the Scale of the Project: Report

Assassin’s Creed games may be shorter in length in the future. Speaking to IGN on upcoming entries in the franchise, Marc-Alexis Cote, VP, Assassin’s Creed noted, “Not everything has to be a 150-hour RPG, right?” The development comes on the heels of a Ubisoft forward earlier on Sunday, which unveiled several Assassin’s Creed projects in the works. The announcements included Infinity, described as a central hub that ties the upcoming Assassin’s Creed games together. According to Cté, the technology can create “different experiences of different sizes”.

In recent times, Ubisoft has made several changes to its Assassin’s Creed titles, transforming it from a contained plot-driven game to a fully-open-world RPG. While fans were initially excited, the hype died down as it lacked a key element of the classic AC games – no hidden blades or stealth mechanics. The studio’s latest venture, Assassin’s Creed Infinity will initially have two games – Codename Red and Codename Hexe. The former will be set in feudal Japan, designed with RPG-like elements that have become boring in the long run. Project Hex, however, has now been confirmed not to be an RPG.

Cté stopped short on details, but hinted that it will be “different” than any Assassin’s Creed game to date. ,[It will] We diversify the places we choose to visit and how we choose to represent that time period,” he said IGNearlier this week, Ubisoft revealed a Teaser For the hex, there is an A-shaped talisman hanging from the branches in the misty forest. was the title is described Billed as “the darkest Assassin’s Creed game ever” and set during the 16th century witch trials.

Furthermore, Cté explained that the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Mirage will have a tighter structure, with a main story that will last around 15-20 hours. “Yes, you should expect something close to our original games,” he said, adding that the cost of the game reflects the scale of the project. The title is slated to launch sometime in 2023 and is priced at €49.99 (roughly Rs. 4,050). on PCAssassin’s Creed Mirage was originally intended as an expansion to Valhalla, but was later revised to fit Ubisoft’s “lean” schedule for the fiscal year.

“It’s a small Assassin’s Creed project,” he said. “It was an idea [and] Built to celebrate the 15th anniversary. That’s why we’re using our modern Valhalla engine to create a minigame that pays homage to our original game with a greater focus on stealth, close-quarters combat, parkour, and a dense city. Middle East.” Future games in the franchise will be priced according to length. So, Assassin’s Creed Red, an open-world RPG, will be much more expensive than Codename Hexe at launch.

At Ubisoft Forward, the studio also revealed An Assassin’s Creed mobile game. Titled “Codename Jade”, the game is set in 215 BCE ancient China and features core gameplay mechanics from the open-world RPG entries in the series. Players can park atop the Great Wall of China, engage in brutal combat, and even feature a franchise-first character creation screen. Further details will be revealed in due course.


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