Former Pakistan Cricketer Kamran Akmal Compares Arshdeep-Singh to Zaheer Khan Ahead of T20 World Cup

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Arshdeep Singh: India has won the first match of the India vs South Africa (INDvsSA) series. India’s young bowler Arshdeep Singh bowled fast and destroyed the wickets of South African batsmen. Arshdeep took 3 wickets in the first over and destroyed South Africa’s batting order. India will get the benefit of this in the upcoming T20 World Cup. So Arshdeep Singh has come into the limelight. (Kamran Akmal Former Pakistan cricketer compared Arshdeep-Singh to Zaheer Khan before T20 World Cup

Former Pakistan cricketer has praised Indian bowler Arshdeep Singh. Former Pakistan player Kamran Akmal has said that Team India has found another Zaheer Khan. Talking about the bowling of Team India, Kamran Akmal praised Arshdeep.

What did Kamran Akmal say?

Arshdeep Singh bowling is an incomparable bowler. I think the Indian team has found another Zaheer Khan. He has fast and swing bowling. Also he is mentally capable. Kamran Akmal has also said that he can bowl properly according to the conditions.

Meanwhile, he has practiced properly how to bowl against which batsman. Accordingly, he shows the most on the field. There is maturity in his bowling. After Zaheer Khan, the place left in Team India will now be filled by a left-arm bowler like Arshdeep.

‘This’ player will retire from Team India after T20 World Cup!


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