Elon Musk made a statement to former Twitter chief Jack Dorsey; Request the court to dismiss the case

Elon Musk Subpoenas Former Twitter Head Jack Dorsey; Requests Court to Dismiss Lawsuit

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk have taken to Twitter to demand their dismissal. The billionaire has been engaged in a heated exchange of accusations with the social media firm since announcing his decision to back out of the Twitter takeover in July in a deal valued at $44 billion (around Rs 3,51,500 crore). In his next move in the lawsuit filed by Twitter, Musk’s lawyer has introduced Twitter co-founder and former chief Jack Dorsey, according to court documents.

Accordingly According to Reuters, Dorsey was subpoenaed by Musk’s lawyer last week, asking for details and documents he knew about the acquisition. Musk’s team is looking for information about the bots’ impact on Twitter’s business, including details such as the number of fake users active on the social media platform each day.

Twitter sued Musk after the billionaire announced he would back out of the social media firm’s $44 billion acquisition deal, which was finalized in April, subject to shareholder approval. Since then, Musk has been questioning bots or spam accounts on Twitter and accusing the company of hiding accurate data. Meanwhile, Twitter wants Musk to go ahead with the deal.

Musk also accused Twitter earlier this month of withholding information related to a lawsuit against the Indian government.

Musk and Twitter are set to go on trial in Delaware’s Chancery Court on October 17.


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