Drunken teacher with beer cans in front of students at Hathras school

शिकवता शिकवता मास्तर हळूच घ्यायचे पेग, गावात समजल्यावर अशी झाली फजिती!

Drunk teacher with beer cans: In Indian culture, Guru has been given the status of God. The role of Guru is important in the formation of a person. Similarly teachers work tirelessly to build ideal students. Although. In Hathras (Hathras Crime News), a teacher has done the work of smearing the post of teacher. A shocking video of this teacher has surfaced.

In a video going viral on social media, a teacher is seen drinking beer in front of children in class. In the class, the children are sitting on the floor and the teacher sitting on the chair is seen drunk. The news spread like wildfire in the village.

When the teacher was drunk, some people of the village made a video. In the viral video, the teacher is seen hiding liquor bottles. One beer bottle is visible on the floor and another bottle is hidden behind a chair (Drunk Teacher with Beer Can). The teacher tries to hide the bottles after people are caught stealing.

The District Instruction Office has informed that action has been taken against the teacher in the viral video. The villagers have also expressed their displeasure over this act of the teacher and demanded strict action.

What suddenly happened to the mother-in-law’s wife? Husband washed in the car, you will laugh too!

watch the video-

Meanwhile, Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Swati Maliwal has shared this video on Twitter. Also requested the Uttar Pradesh Police to take action against the teacher.


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