Deezer is muscle in the “live streaming”

Le girl band Little Mix. En mai, pour un des shows du girl band Little Mix à Londres, Driift avait vendu 85.000 billets partout dans le monde.

Posted Oct 3, 2022, 5:53 PMUpdated Oct 3, 2022, 7:13 PM

Deezer, the French streaming pioneer, is stepping up its bet on broadcasting live concerts. At the end of last week, the group listed on the stock exchange since July 6 announced an investment of 4 million pounds (4.6 million euros) in Driift, one of the leaders in the production and promotion of events in “live streaming”, and this at the time when this company based in the United Kingdom bought another player in the sector, Dreamstage, a technological platform ensuring the retransmission of live concerts.

“We had invested in the two companies a little over a year ago, recalls Stéphane Rougeot, deputy general manager of Deezer. We realized that it was interesting to combine them: one brings the show, the other brings the tech. The thirty or so employees of the new entity will operate under the name of Driift, of which Deezer, the largest shareholder, now holds more than 40% of the capital, according to the manager.


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