Deepti Sharma Run Out Controversy Harsha Bhogle Vs Ben Stokes, Twitter Fight On Culture

Mankading: हर्षा भोगलेच्या ट्विटवर बेन स्टोक्स भडकला, वाचा काय आहे प्रकरण

Ben Stokes-Harsh Bhogle: Deepti Sharma’s Mankading runout in the third and final ODI between India and England women’s cricket team is being discussed a lot at this time. Deepti runs out to England’s Charlie Dean. After that the discussion about sports faith is going on. The question of whether Mankading is right or wrong is being asked again.

After Deepti’s Mankading run out, Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle supported Deepti in 8 big tweets. Harsha Bhogle, while tweeting, mentioned the ideology and upbringing of England. In such a situation, now England’s Test team captain Ben Stokes is very angry.

What did Ben Stokes say?

Is it right to bring culture into public opinion on Harsh Mankading?, asks Ben Stokes. The final of the World Cup was held in 2019. Ben Stokes also asked Harsh Bhogle that even today I am constantly getting calls and messages from Indian fans, is this bothering you?

Is this culture? Not at all… I get messages from people not only from England but from all over the world. Stokes also said that people around the world have criticized Mankading. What is the reaction of the rest of the world to this particular incident? Stokes also said that England (England Cricket Board) is not the only cricket playing country which has voiced its decision.

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What did Harsha Bhogle say?

I find it very disturbing that a section of the media in England is questioning a girl who plays by the rules of the game. Harsha Bhogle criticized saying that many people are trying to show how Deepti is wrong. Now Ben Stokes has given the answer.


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