Credit card users never become millionaires

Credit Card वापरणारे कधीच करोडपती होत नाहीत...पण ही माहिती तुमचे लाखो रुपये नक्की वाचवेल

Mumbai: This information is for common man, from the study of common man, if you will read this information carefully, it will save lakhs of rupees in your life, and will be used for children’s future. This experience is worth saving millions of rupees for an accountant, so read and understand it carefully. Later you will say, this news is worth crores to me. Those who are caught in the cycle of EMI get the money back from the credit card. With no spending habit left with 2 paise in your hand, this news is important for them.

Do not exaggerate credit card usage

If you’re using a credit card to earn points by shopping with a credit card, get 10 to 20 percent off, then be sure to keep an account. Especially if I have a credit card with no need, if it seems too big, remember you have to return it in money.

An annual fee is charged for the credit card. This charge should not be high, so if you make purchases up to Rs. Some credit cards have no annual fee and lower purchase limits.

Even smugglers don’t charge as much fines as credit cards

If you miss the date of payment of credit card bills, you will get penalty, let’s say you buy an item worth Rs. could. Rupees.

Because almost all the credit card companies-banks have imposed a minimum fine of Rs 1300 to Rs 1500. If the state GS is 9 per cent and the central GST is 9 per cent, pay the bill first without being surprised, otherwise the figure may be halved next time.

You have to return your money to the credit company within a month and pay 18% GST along with the state and the centre. Do you agree with this?

Even if you pay your credit card bill on time…

Do you think I bought stuff on credit card, have EMI and pay Rs 1000 per month as minimum amount on bill so I don’t have to pay more. This is just a cute misunderstanding.

The credit card sends you a minimum bill when billed. This means interest and capital amount will be deducted by less than 10 per cent.

If you are in doubt about this, calculate how much has been paid so far and how much is the loss. There is only one way out of this. If you want to take a loan of 1 lakh then pay this amount in four installments, three installments or two or in one go and tap on credit card. Credit card companies have more than 100 ways to get about half your money out of pocket.

Never make the mistake of withdrawing money from a credit card

Never make the mistake of withdrawing money from your credit card. Because he has money at 5 percent interest, consider usury interest. The interesting thing is that you have made a purchase of 10 thousand and withdrawn 15 thousand in cash.

After that on the same day you deposit 15000, but first your 10000 shopping bill will be deducted and you will have 10000 left with cash withdrawal and interest will be charged on it i.e. highest interest on that money deposited in their credit card Goes on latest account. does

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