Chromecast with Google TV: Two years too late, or worth the wait?

Chromecast With Google TV: Two Years Too Late, or Worth the Wait?

Chromecast with Google TV — the company’s solution to turning your regular television into a smart TV — was launched in India in July. While users in the US and other countries had access to the device two years ago when it first debuted, those of us in India can choose from devices from companies like Amazon, Realme and Xiaomi. Google offers an intuitive interface on top of its Android TV operating system, which puts your streaming services front and center and shows you customized notifications. But is the arrival of Chromecast with Google TV in 2022 too late?

On this week’s episode of the Gadgets 360 podcast Orbital, host Akhil Arora talks with senior reviewer Ali Pardiwala who recently reviewed Chromecast with Google TV, and senior reviewer Sheldon Pinto. Google’s latest streaming device to debut in India has a lot to talk about, from specs to Google’s confusing naming scheme for software and hardware.

Chromecast with Google TV is a streaming device with its own operating system and remote, just like its older Chromecast model. Google TV is a user interface — or launcher — on top of Android TV that’s only found on certain devices. This may give it an edge over other streaming devices that come with standard Android TV OS. Meanwhile, other manufacturers like Xiaomi offer two launchers, the default Android TV launcher and the company’s Patchwall interface.

According to Ali, the Google TV interface has a better recommendation system. Recommendations are displayed on your subscriptions and will come up as you search. For example, searching for movies will show you the cheapest and most convenient way to stream content to your TV. It will also show you the option to rent movies from Google TV if they are not available on the streaming services you subscribe to.

Chromecast with Google TV review

Chromecast with Google TV was launched globally in 2020, while the device was launched in India only in July this year. But that’s not a bad thing, because streaming devices don’t really need frequent upgrades, Ali says. There is no reason why the device should have been launched so late, especially when you consider the lost sales opportunity in the country at the start of the pandemic.

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