chanakya niti beauty and soft spoken women’s biggest strength dp

महिला ही आयडिया वापरून पुरुषांना करतात वश, जाणून घ्या काय सांगते Chanakya Niti

Mumbai Acharya Chanakya was well versed in economics and ethics. Acharya Chanakya made a common man like Chandragupta Maurya the emperor of Magadha with his policy and placed the mighty Dhanananda on the throne. In the Chanakya policy of Acharya Chanakya, the relationship has been described in detail. Apart from this, what should be the husband, wife, guru, king or anyone else in the society, it is also mentioned in Chanakya Niti. In Chanakya’s policy, ‘Bahuviryabalam Rajno Brahmano Brahmavid Bali. Roop-Yuvana-Madhurya strinam Balamanuttam..’ This is a verse. In which the power of woman, brahmin and king is described.

greatest strength of women

According to Chanakya Niti, the beauty and sweet speech of any woman is her biggest strength. Men are quickly attracted to women with these two qualities. Beautiful and sweet-spoken women can conquer anyone. However, due to these two qualities, he gets respect everywhere and also increases the prestige of the family.

What is the power of Brahma?

Acharya Chanakya has said in Chanakya Niti that the greatest power of a Brahmin is his knowledge. Brahmins are respected in the society because of their knowledge. The more knowledge a brahmin has, the more respect he gets because in adversity everyone leaves him, but knowledge never leaves him, helps him to get out of that situation. For a Brahmin, knowledge is his deposit.

What qualities should a king have?

According to Chanakya, the greatest strength of a king is his muscular power. A king has a minister senior to a general, but if the king is weak, he will not be able to rule. A king must be powerful if he wants to rule the kingdom. If the king is powerful, it is easy for him to rule.

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