Bihar Junior Khan Sir Bobby Raj from Patna teaches Mathematics to 10th class students Bihar News

काय सांगता! तिसरीतलं पोरगं शिकवतंय दहावीच्या मुलांना..., 'छोटे खान सर' व्हायरल

Khan Sir Jr. There is no dearth of talent in India. Indians are also looking for the biggest multinational companies in the world. Many talented students from villages make a name for themselves at the national level. Many of them also get a chance to do great things in life. Getting a job opportunity in the field of your interest is also gold.

Everyone knows Rancho from 3 Idiots. While doing homework for older boys at a young age, Rancho grew up to be a great engineer. One such rancho is currently in discussion. A third grader from Patna is currently taking social media by storm. People of Patna know him as ‘Chhota Khan Sir’ (Khan Sir Jr.).

Bobby Raj, a Class III student, is popularly known as ‘Chhote Khan Sir’ in Chapor village of Masaudhi in Patna district. Bobby, who is in the headlines at the moment, solves any math in a jiffy. He has also mastered the syllabus of Mathematics up to 10th standard.

A few days back, Khan sir from Patna came into the limelight. People of Patna call Khan sir the magician of mathematics. Although Bobby is studying in class III, he teaches mathematics to class 10 students. Bobby gets to practice memorizing mathematical formulas in class 10th. Bobby’s father was a teacher, so Bobby learned this art from his father.

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Meanwhile, Bobby wants to learn more and make a name for himself. Bobby has a keen interest in learning mathematics and is often taught by his sister and father.


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