Android 13 review: Refined Android 12, or something more?

Android 13 Review: Refined Android 12, or Something More?

Android 13 is out now and it’s rolling out to Pixel smartphones worldwide. Recently, Google Pixel 4a and Pixel 6a in India have also received the latest software. It brings new features, performance improvements, some visual upgrades as well as some cosmetic changes to the user interface. The Android 13 update fixes several bugs and issues regarding the fingerprint sensor. The company announced that the new OS version will roll out to Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia and more smartphones later this year.

On this week’s episode of the Gadgets 360 podcast Orbital, host Akhil Arora discusses the Pixel 6a running Android 13 OS with senior reviewer Sheldon Pinto and producer Aditya Nath Jha. They talk about the new features and changes that the latest update brings to Google phones.

Apart from the cosmetic changes and functionality enhancements that come with the new generation of Android OS, the guests discussed the Clipboard. This is the most talked about feature of Android 13 as it provides when copying and pasting text from one app to another. Clipboard is now present in the form of a box at the bottom along with a share button so you can quickly share your notes with your friends and family. It looks a lot like the Google Keep app, and Sheldon says “it’s something we never knew we needed. But now it’s going to be forever. It’s very handy and I’ve been using it on the Pixel 6a for a while now.”

As far as security is concerned, one feature that caught our reviewer’s attention was the opt-in notification. After installing Android 13 on Pixel 6a, the software revokes all permissions and will ask users to allow sending notifications for all apps. Talking about the performance, both said that the new version will always improve the performance. Although our team has yet to review Android 13 in detail, they can already see subtle improvements in terms of overall performance.

While discussing (and laughing about) the availability of Android 13 to the public, our team was very hesitant to give a definitive answer as there are inconsistencies in rolling out the update for smartphones by other manufacturers. Some of them have already announced that they will bring the update to their smartphones.

You can hear it all in detail and more in our episode by hitting the play button on the Spotify player embedded above.

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