airtel share price in india and 5g service plan

airtel share price in india and 5g service plan

Telecom Stock Price in India: recently in the country 5G Services (5G service) has started. In the first phase, 5G internet service will be started in only a few cities of the country. It includes 13 countries including Mumbai, Pune, Delhi. Due to 5G network in telecom companies There is tremendous enthusiasm in (telecom company). Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel bought 5G spectrum in the auction. Therefore, soon 5G service will be started by these companies. Before this, the shares of these telecom companies are seeing a rise.

Airtel shares rise

Telecom companies Jio and Airtel will soon start 5G services. Jio will launch 5G network by Diwali. After this Airtel’s 5G network will be launched. Before the launch of 5G service, shares of telecom company Airtel are seeing a rise. This has benefited the investors a lot. 5G service has started in the country from October 1. Against this backdrop, Airtel’s share price has hit record highs in 52 weeks. Airtel’s share has reached Rs 800.

What is the current share price of Airtel?

As on September 30, 2022, the lowest price of Airtel shares on NSE was Rs 761.45 and the highest was Rs 809. The share price has increased by more than Rs 47 within a day after the launch of 5G. The current share price of Airtel is Rs 809. This is the all-time record price of Airtel shares. The closing price of Airtel’s share is Rs 799.60.

Airtel 5G nationwide by March 2024

Airtel, one of the country’s leading telcos, has revealed its future plans for 5G internet service. Bharti Airtel Chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal has said that Airtel has launched 5G telecom services in eight cities including four metros. He said that the company plans to make these services available across the country by March 2024.


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